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The RePlay Revive® Process

RePlay’s maintenance package keeps your synthetic turf field at its optimal levels.


Regular, planned synthetic turf maintenance massively reduces repair and replacement costs by keeping surfaces in excellent condition.


Clear and vibrant line-striping & field marking can significantly enhance its appearance and improve the player experience.

Over time, the painted lines will inevitably wear and fade away.  We provide a re-line service that can be carried out on any surface, with the color of your choice.   

Depending on your requirements we can re-line in either two-pack polyurethane or water-based paint depending on the longevity, durability and cost-effectiveness of what you need.

Infill Replenishing

Low or uneven infill levels can lead to accelerated wear and damage to your surface and potential injuries to players.

We assess and measure both the surface’s infill levels and pile height which is then compared against the manufacturers specs and recommendations.

Our replenish process includes, if necessary, a pre-brush of the surface to remove debris and help lift the fibers ready for the application of the infill – getting your surface ready for play.

Let RePlay get you set up for your spring season!

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